“So I’m calling to thank you for guiding me through the Cons…

“So I’m calling to thank you for guiding me through the Consulting Masterclass – it helped so much during the interview, and I’ve just landed a job at a Big Company!”

That has to be one of the best feeling in the world!
For me as well!

I hadn’t asked for anything in return when I started running the free masterclasses in June for those who were out of work, perhaps affected by the pandemic, but this is almost as good as being paid in cash 🤩

He went on to mention that the company that had offered him a role is building a team, and that he was willing to coach other cohorts of the programme through the interview process.

This is exactly what #PayItForward means.

There’s still spaces on some of my no-charge 12 Gifts of Christmas modules for anyone looking to amp up their skills for 2021.

I’ll release the schedule for next year soon, and am planning new courses – particularly around Project Managing Salesforce or Microsoft CE projects, which I know have had some interest.

In the meantime, I am planning to create a email newsletter list on Substack where I will send out longer articles and musings on Project Management, and having a full-on consulting career while commandeering my little ninja army.

Let me know if this is something that might be of interest in the comments below 👇🏻


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