“A great class requires the hand of a master sculptor. nThe…

“A great class requires the hand of a master sculptor.
The details at the margins.
The choices about what not to include.
The stroke of genius to include something just off enough to be perfect.
If each class is a work of art, then you have sculpted a series of masterpieces.” – Jim Collins

He was on Tim Ferriss’ podcast that I was listening to this morning.

During my career, I have viewed every project as an opportunity to create something amazing.

The raw material I had was the mix of organisational requirements, bound by structure and norms, their people, their needs and motivations, as well as the unique make-up of my own team.

My job was to craft each project into a work of art.
They were all different, because the material was varied.

I loved it.
Looking back, I can remember the journey of taking intangible hopes and dreams, and with my team, helping to crystalizing it all into wonderful software that makes life better.

Now I am starting out with a different form – teaching and coaching others to craft their own works of art, on how to implement and deliver quality project.

The technology from the Matrix that allows uploading a skill directly in the brain doesn’t exist yet.

I will need to find a way to synthesise and transmute what I’ve learned into a form that can be understood and absorbed.

This is my new ‘project’. #MyNewObsession.

My mind and my thoughts are consumed with this, and so I am never bored – especially in between the crazy and noise of family life.

My wish for you today, is that you find something that lights your fire.
If I didn’t have this – I’d be spending my days thinking about food.
And that’s such a bad idea for so many reasons 😅


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