Big fish little pond. Little fish big pond

Big fish little pond. Little fish big pond. 🐟

Which is better? To work in a small/boutique #SalesforcePartner or a biiiiiiiig GSI (Global Systems Integrator)?

Today’s post is inspired by Jay Harrington.

There is merit in being the big fish in a little pond, if you’re talking about the partners in the #Salesforce ecosystem.
They hold a special place in my heart.

No where else, will you get an opportunity to work in crazy fast environment, wearing multiple hats at the same time to attack the problem (note the little stickman with an axe, a feather, a gun and scissors – all super useful!)

You’ll grow faster than in any other environment, if you choose to embrace it.
Get stuck in, get your hands dirty, wear all the hats, willingly.
Be the PM, the tester, the account manager, the builder, the configurator, the hand-holder, the tear wiper.

These skills will never be obsolete, trust me.

It’s also super cool to be a little fish in a big pond, because you get to FOCUS and be the best expert in that one deadly skill you have.
And you get to play with the big Kids.
Projects, deals, and teams are bigger, more complex and a lot more ‘character-building’.

(A) and (B) both rocked my boat at different times in my life.
I ❤ it all.

But now, I only have eyes for (C) 😍


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