Users will always want what they want

Users will always want what they want.
Babies will always poop and eat and cry.
Puppies will always want to play and chew your favourite shoe.

It’s no use being mad at the nature of things.

Understanding why people behave the way they do, helps us to navigate the world and the social interactions between different agendas.

Studying psychology, sociology, or just being interested in human behaviour can be such an asset to any career that involves interactive with clients.

In fact, I’d hazard a guess and say that no real formal education is necessary.
Just active listening, an open mind, and empathy would already be a great start.

My next Consulting Masterclasses incorporating the above to help Salesforce consultants level up their requirement gathering and process mapping skills begins on 4 May.

Limited no-charge seats available for anyone currently out of work, but keen to enter the #salesforce ecosystem as a Consultant.

No payment required, all that I ask is that you #payingitforward.
Ok ok, if you really want to know, my favorite 🍩 is the plain glazed ones.

DM me for more info.


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