“But what if I don’t get another contract? I still have a mo…

“But what if I don’t get another contract? I still have a mortgage to pay.”

I was just speaking to an acquaintance that I met a few years, who contracts.

He was a technical architect, but decided that the Project Management roles paid higher day rates, and moved into that area.

The thing is, he belongs to the group who believes that Team ME outranks Team US, and operates in a way that extends his own personal contract at the detriment of his project and client.

I feel that this thinking is wrong on so many levels.

He is perpetuating the bad apple perception of contractors, who are already believed to be very-expensive-resource-of-sometimes-questionable-competency and making it worse.

I know some amazing contractors who would not think twice about solving issues quicker, more efficiently, and risk of their contract being terminated earlier.

The thing is – the pandemic is squeezing everyone, and there is a heightened feeling of insecurity about the future, which drives the evolutionary “selfish gene” behaviour.

I don’t know – who am I to judge?

All I know is that in today’s world, Integrity is a currency that is in very short supply.

I would teach my children to guard their integrity with care and not not exchange it for financial gain.

Once it’s lost – it is very very difficult to recover.

My wish for you is that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have to make a choice between integrity and financial reward, and if you do – you can make the decision that brings you peace.


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