What do you call a consulting partner who misrepresents thei…

What do you call a consulting partner who misrepresents their internal capability and competency to the client and signs them onto a project?

A really rotten apple. 😣

You are not only lying to your client, but you are exposing your team to situations they should not have to deal with.

When you represent your junior Salesforce dev as a ‘Technical Architect’ or a newly minted Salesforce certified admin as a ‘Senior Project Lead’, you are doing a horrible disservice to your people.

You create anxiety when your team is expected to work at a level than they are yet capable of.

You are also cheating your client, who have placed their faith in you and your team to deliver a Salesforce project in order to improve their business.

By committing this practice KNOWINGLY and doing it repeatedly, you are broadcasting your lack of integrity within your team.

While your clients may not find out initially, you will very quickly realise that the Salesforce ecosystem is small, and word will get out.

Don’t do this.

You damage the reputation of other Consulting Partners, and you also damage your people who have to lie for you, because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

#beagoodapple 🍎
Because the rotten one stinks, and it makes people think that the other apples are the same.


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