Change agents

I was chatting with Tom Ryan ☁ and Ivanna G.Mirkovska at the Prague Trailblazer event, and we talked about what motivates people to change.

My answer is that people change, when the status quo becomes too painful to bear.

Of course, the meaning of “too painful” can be very different depending on who you ask, and how they see the world.

(A) “The Comfort zone is where dreams go to die.”
I know many people who stay in their comfort zone, in awful jobs and relationships because – it’s what they know.

They are afraid of what might happen if they choose a different path.

Change is constant.
And it *will* make its presence known – whether we embrace it, or hide it until it smacks us in the face with a fish.

Iva asked – “How should one think about moving from a stable job and taking a more risky step towards entrepreneurship or freelancing?”

It’s about how you frame your situation.

Let’s be more (B).

If you’re not happy about where you are, learning, earning, growing and having fun, then think about what else you could be doing that would light your fire.

Or you can stay there because it’s what you know.
However, you could be missing out on some of the most amazing experience in your life.

Your call.