When things get quiet

When things get quiet, sometimes we have no choice but to deal with our demons.

That’s why people overwork, self medicate, abuse substances and get addicted to food, exercise, Netflix binging and the like.

The last year has been horrendous for so many.

Being laid off, furloughed, and locked down meant that many of us suddenly had a lot of time to think.

Past trauma, #abuse#bereavement, grief, loss.

Our defence mechanism is amazing.
It protects us by pushing away pain, so that we may function – to fight and survive another day.

Unfortunately, the pain are never really far away.

Pain that hasn’t been addressed will manifest in unexpected ways, taking its pound of flesh in the form of physical, emotional and #MentalHealth.

One way to deal with it is to open up and talk it through. Don’t try and find another way to fill the void and running away from the pain.

Samaritans is here to listen if you need to talk, 247 freephone on 116 123 from the UK (or email Jo@samaritans.org).

If you’re struggling with your demons, please reach out.

You don’t have to be alone. 🌹