Getting endorsements

Thank you Liam Ryan for the endorsement but the credit actually goes to

– my parents who paid for my education, so that I can vaguely sound like I know what I’m talking about πŸ“–

– Ms Bravado, who puts a strong foot forward even though she’s as scared as a chickenπŸ”

– Ms Comedic Flair, who’s great at masking any insecurities that might rise to the surface 😱

– Ms Imposter killer, who’s just really good at faking it and looking like a total Badass 😎

– Ms Fearless, who wasn’t afraid to leap into new things, make mistakes, even with egg on her face 🍳

It takes a lot to acquire that air of competence… Not something you can get easily find at your local Costco.

I will treasure that endorsement far above the serious fuddy duddy skills like CRM and Project Management 😁

BTW Liam, I do enjoy your vids.
Happy Sunday. 🌞