Coerce or convince?

Coerce or convince?
What’s your preferred style of influencing others?

There’s a whole spectrum of tactics:
Force, compel, coerce, convince, persuade, ask, motivate, inspire.

The dirty word here that people don’t like to use is: Power.
Wars have been fought, lives lost and all sorts of evil and heinous things that have been perpetrated have been attributed to the love of Power.

I’ve found it fascinating that Influence has also been associated with another word that has a negative aura – Manipulation.

However, we cannot go through life without power or influence, because we will never get what we want, or be very effective in relationships and attaining of goals.

I cover Power and Politics on my Consulting Masterclass programme (starts 4th May), aimed at #Salesforce Consultants who want polish their Requirements Gathering skill with lots of role plays and skills practice to embed the learning.

No-charge to any #Salesforce peeps who are out of work, or charity. However, #SalesforcePartners who want to level up their internal team into consulting powerhouses, you will have to register now as there are limited seats.

Personally, I rely on my winning smile and amazing charm to get my way. 😁 It works most of the time.

And if it doesn’t, there’s always 🍩!!


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