Consulting Partners are rightly thinking about hiring the be…

Consulting Partners are rightly thinking about hiring the best, regardless of location.
This will give you a competitive edge of course.
Having the best and the brightest will.

However, I don’t believe that this is better than being co-located, or at least with periodic coming-together of teams to just… bond.

To joke and banter, share stories and anecdotes across the open plan office or by the coffee machine without having to schedule a zoom call.
To feel and hear the tone of a colleague who’s struggling with a client call, and offering a kind word of support.

It is so much harder to do all of that right now.

Remote working is also great for work-life balance, but there is definitely a drop in the quality of relationships and bonding that is necessary for highly effective working.

However, what does that mean for the world of Consulting?

Committing to have a fully-remote team could reduce a Consulting Partner’s ability to be nimble, to grow environment that nurtures bonding and connection – which in itself, will create high performing teams.

Being flexible has its advantages, but don’t let the pandemic dictate your terms of employment and policies which could hamper your competitive advantage when lockdown is lifted.

Be purposeful and mindful in your decision making.