Most of the biggest challenges in struggling projects is iss…

Most of the biggest challenges in struggling projects is issues around scope, requirements and change management.

I think the biggest one is actually expectation management.

It’s a very simple concept, where you try to align expectations so that we both see, know and understand the same thing.

However, execution is monumentally tough – given how very different we all are, where our mental models and life experience have shaped what we believe things to mean.

Love may mean:
– fast cars and exotic holidays
– hugs and kisses
– doing the chores without being asked
– constant belittling or repeated blows with a fist.

Everyone’s internal ‘data dictionary’ is different.

How then, can we expect everyone to be on the same page about contracted requirements for software build?

To communicate well:
1. Start by realising how very different we all are, and the scars and imprint of life experiences that has brought us here.
2. Then, just listen.
Stay quiet, and listen with your full attention. No judgements – just real, empathetic listening.

And this is the secret of making deep human connections.
Start every relationship by understanding how different we are, and that our understanding of the world is as valid as anyone else’s.

After that, everything else is a piece of cake.
Or donut!!