Covid has taken many casualties – people’s lives, health, jo…

Covid has taken many casualties – people’s lives, health, jobs.

The consulting world has not been spared, and employee consultations, redundancies and job losses have been announced.

Ever since forever, I’ve held on to the belief that consultants should not focus so much on their “utilisation” number.

I have advised new consultants to focus instead, on creating value for themselves and their team, such as helping prepare RFPs, coaching & mentoring newbies, doing team-building activities, peer reviewing code or proof reading documents for the team.

These important activities would make them more valuable to the company, and thus – their utilisation target should trend upwards as time goes by.

The thing is, many of these activities are ‘non-billable’, and therefore affect their personal utilisation rate, leading to a direct impact on their performance bonus.

Covid has been a brutal to consulting jobs.

When your billable time is your currency, utilisation target can become a big factor in determining who gets laid off during difficult times.

If you’re on the bench, and worried about the security of your job – please reach out and talk to someone.
Desperation can sometimes make a person behave in ways that are contrary to their core values, and I am hoping that human kindness and basic decency prevails.

If you’ve been spared the axe, then _you_ reach out to those who have not.
Find a way to provide support – both emotional and practical.
We all belong to the same human race. 🌈🌻🌞

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