Building a rocket to escape Zombie Apocolypse within 12 mont…

Building a rocket to escape Zombie Apocolypse within 12 months (before they get to your isolated sanctuary and eat your brains). 👩🏻‍🚀
Would you approach this project as a ‘waterfall’ or ‘agile’?

We did this fun exercise in my consulting masterclass group the other day.

Surviving the ZA must be my most favourite thought exercise, given that I am such a chicken and I won’t even watch Walking Dead. 😱

However – I think that Project Management skills, especially when it comes to resource management and planning in times of crisis can be very useful!

Even though some of my projects have had high drama, and can be very fast paced, I don’t think that it would be the basis on which I could lead a band of survivors in the event of such a fictional catastrophe.

I think that to survive in this environment, you would still need to think very quickly on your feet, and be incredibly resourceful in a world with limited resources like amazon or the corner grocery stores.

Not sure if CRM projects are fantastic at preparing you to get your brains eaten alive! 😂

If you’re based in UK, you’ve got 2 SF certs, and you’re currently #laidoff or #openforwork, follow me and keep your eye out for the next free Salesforce Masterclass course.

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