Survivor’s guilt.nn”Be grateful you still have a job.”n”A…

Survivor’s guilt.

“Be grateful you still have a job.”
“Are you seriously moaning about your work stress?!”
“I can’t believe you’re complaining about working from home and having kids around. Try not having an income _and_ trying to figure out how to make rent.”

It’s a really challenging time for many businesses, and many people feel at risk; threats to jobs and livelihood are very real.

Those in management positions are likely to be bearing a huge burden, and may unintentially take out their stress on those around them, cascading the pain downwards.

There are many who feel that they aren’t able to talk about what’s going on with their work, their home lives, their mental health – simply because they have escaped the Covid Ax.

For now.

You really don’t know what someone’s going through.
And everyone has a right to how they feel.

If you’re struggling, and you feel that you will be judged by those around you, pick up the phone and call Samaritans freephone 116 123.

We are all part of the same human race.


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