Covid is brutal

Covid is brutal.

I find so many of my friends and colleagues I’ve worked with in India grief stricken, having lost partners, parents, siblings, friends.

This disease is ripping through the world so many countries at an alarming rate.

People haven’t had time to take a breath before they’re hit with another loss.

I’ve heard of employers who are compassionate, but many are not.

I’ve heard so much that makes me so angry about the callousness of some.

It does not make you a man to be demanding, and to be cruel when someone in your team has lost a wife and a brother in the span of a week.

We need to practice more #Kindness
More #compassion

And if you’re struggling, please reach out.
To friends, or family.

If you’re in #india and you need to talk, you can email

If you’re in the #uk you can ring freephone 116 123

If you’re coping, look around and see who’s drowning.

Reach out
Check in
Be there

That’s really all you need to #BeKind

My ❤️ is with you India.