Creating Culture

Is great culture enough to attract and retain talent?

Is great culture easy to create?
It depends.

In a start up, the founders will infuse the culture with their personality, ethos, character and values.

As the organisation grows, the culture will change unless the leadership team makes a conscious and mindful effort to embed their corporate values into the psyche of the company.

In terms of group dynamics – the #culture will change every time a new employee joins.

We all bring our own personality, attitudes and idiosyncracies into the fray, and it can enrich the relationships, or toxify the environment.

Hire correctly, from the start.
Make sure there is a good fit of aptitude and attitude.

The job market for #Salesforce – both with Partners and End customers is very bouyant at the moment, and when things are good – it’s very easy to acquire people to do the job, who may not be the right fit in the long run.

Be conscious
Of how your behaviour and perceived intent impacts the culture.

Be mindful
Of how your decisions impact the group collective.

Do the values you stand for permeate everything you do?
If so – then you will attract the right people, who will stay for the long haul.

That’s culture.
Not ping pong tables and beer on tap 🙄