The Promise

Lesson 4 on The Marketing Seminar: What promise am I making?

With my Consulting Delivery Masterclasses for the r Salesforce Partners

My promise to the Salesforce Partners:
– To create an excitement and passion in your teams for delivering high quality CRM projects
– To help you build a team of leaders who can take on projects and manage them to conclusion confidently

You will see how much stronger your team will be in closing projects successfully.

My promise to the Salesforce consultants attending the course:
– To inspire ways of creating meaningful work relationships with team members and clients.
– To show how to deliver high quality work with integrity
– To illustrate ways on how clear communication can be achieved with simple diagrams and crisp language
– To build confidence in your ability to manage your growth, your relationships and the quality of your work with role plays, peer review and constructive feedback

You will feel so much more confident in how to deliver quality projects.

If I can consistently project and deliver on my promises, then I’ll hit Jay’s “good problem to have”, and I’ll have to answer question below.

It’ll have to be (E) of course. 😁

Inspired by Jay Harrington‘s Post earlier today.