Telling the right story

I think I have problems telling the right story.

I am going through Seth Godin‘s The Marketing Seminar and the question is – who am I trying to change?

I am trying to change the mindset of #SalesforcePartners that their people are just money making machines.

Consultancies are known for not looking after their people; and not supporting them enough in their very stressful jobs.

Through my Delivery Masterclasses, I want to change their mindset
– to know that you can grow loyal team from new junior talent
– to understand that high performing team starts from the first day they set foot through your door

Through my content, I want to change their mindset
– to value their team
– to help nurture their growth potential
– to treat them like humans

Who I’m leaving out
– larger partners who have the resources and internal Learning & Development team, as well as People officers who can look after their consultants
– the partners who really don’t care about their people who give up their time, sweat and tears to contribute their bottom line.

I think so far, my story telling doesn’t highlight who I am and who I’m trying to help. Perhaps it’s time for me to get better at telling the story that I want to get out there.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey.