If you were in my shoes

If you were in my shoes, you’d probably do exactly what I did.
Empathy is so powerful.

maz iqbal is someone I met by chance, when I was interviewing him for a Project Manager role many years ago.

What? I hear you say.

Yes – I really felt like a young grasshopper interviewing a yoda.

He’s a wonderful #Salesforce Programme Manager, with such deep experience in the #CRM consulting and #DigitalTransformation space that there probably isn’t anything that he hasn’t seen before.

We ended up being fast friends, and would regularly meet over lunch and have such amazing conversations about the real meaning of life and relationships, and the search for our true selves.

In this clip, he talks about the value of empathy, and why there is no such thing as ‘laziness’.

I invite you to listen in on the wide ranging #podcast which drops next Monday 31/5.

Have you ever met someone by chance?
And they turn out to be someone who stayed in your life longer than a passing footprint on a cloud?

I have.
My life is so much richer for knowing you, maz.

And that, dear reader – is what I wish for you as well. 🌹