Everybody hates pushy sales tactics

Everybody hates pushy sales tactics.
Everybody hates people who don’t listen.

I can probably say the above with almost 100% certainty.

Customers are more discerning now, and also more educated.

With Google, one can find information about almost everything, incuding reviews that provide the unvarnished truth… as well as fake reviews that can totally discombobulate the brain.

What we want is someone who
– truly listens to what we need
– has our best interest at heart (“Ah, I think our product will not be a good fit. Why don’t you look up Product Z from our competitor?)
– has integrity, and helps us curate the best product and solution for our particular problem.

Deb Feder is great at helping businesses acquire new business through curious conversations, as opposed to any other techniques.

Anyone who’s been on the purchasing end of SaaS licenses such as #Salesforce or #Microsoft or any other type of #EnterpriseSoftware, you’ll have come up against the “end of quarter discount” situation.

It’s very cheeky, and I think it rarely works without resulting in grumpy customers 😖

I don’t fall for things like this.
Well, not unless you put a platter of 🍩 in front of me.. I’m such a sucker for those things.

Just, don’t do it. 😳