How to create LinkedIn videos in under 30 minutes

How to create LinkedIn videos in under 30 minutes.
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A few people had asked and I also promised to do a quick instruction video for James Allen. Ok, it was quick to record (less than half an hour), but the editing took quite a bit longer!

When I first thought of creating the short promo vids for my #podcast, I wanted a slick process with some tools so I could knock them out quickly.

Here are my tools:
Zoom (to record)
– I have the pro account for my masterclasses but you can have meetings that are up to 40 minutes on the free account (to transcribe)
– the free version will transcribe up to 600 minutes a month.

Davinci Resolve (to edit)
– I’ve found the free version does everything I want.
– for the background music 🎶 which is just totally awesome (you need to attribute them if uploading to YouTube or you’ll get into trouble!)

I have a system now that I can quickly create a short video in about 10 minutes, as I can just edit my project which will already have the intro, out-tro, background music, headers, titles etc.

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Because a whole tray will put me in calorie-surplus for the year 😁

Laura Frederick thought you might find this useful for making your own vids.