Data Migration can be quite a complex and deserves to be tre…

Data Migration can be quite a complex and deserves to be treated as its own project.

However, it’s generally an ‘afterthought’ of a CRM implementation.

“Oh yes – we’d like to consolidate everyone’s contact details from their Outlook and their gmail account, as well as our old GoldMine system – and the ticketing system that was written in MS Access. Oh yes – also that other thing we use that needs to be decommissioned but we should run it in parallel for 6 months as we’ve got in-flight events that cannot be closed down yet.”

A CRM is only as good as the data it holds.

If the data is inaccurate, inconsistent, and cannot be trusted – nobody will want to use it.

Before the new system goes live, the data needs to be consolidated, cleaned, de-duped, enriched before it gets imported in.

This workstream should also begin WAY before the main CRM project begins, because the above exercise takes quite a long time.

You may have to hire some temps to clean up the data, or get an external agency to do so (which may involve human 👁 or AI – get it? 🤭) and invariably takes a lot longer than expected.

With GDPR and Data Privacy laws in full force, it is now not as common for a Consulting Partner to take on the full data migration work.

Data is really really important.
Good data generates good insight, which is important to help a business make critical operational and strategic decisions.

Pay attention to your data migration workstream.
Otherwise, your adoption rate will be as rubbish as my puns 😁


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