Quality <> Perfection.nnMany delay shipment of releases or…

Quality <> Perfection.

Many delay shipment of releases or products/software because they aren’t ready… the software isn’t “perfect” yet.

“QA is still finding a lot of issues, and the system isn’t perfect yet.”

This is a common issue, and many hide behind “Quality” to delay delivery.

But, Quality isn’t Perfection.

Quality means “To Spec”.

That’s why engaging Consulting Partners to implement a needed change may be just what they need to jump start the process as the cost for hiring us feels more tangible than cost of internal resources.

We come in, we get the job done, and then we scoot.

In order to do that in this limited time window, we are stringent about defining the requirements, and we build to specifications. QA will test against signed-off spec, or approved user stories before we hand it over to the customer for final acceptance.

Internal projects tend to meander because the costs are invisible.
You don’t get hit with an invoice for the cost of delays.

There is no such thing a “Perfect”.
Anyone clinging to this notion is set for disappointment.

We also need to remember that Perfection is subjective:
Burnt toast on Mother’s day is perfect for me, while it may be sub-standard for another mum!

My wish for you today, is to have someone love you enough to make you burnt toast, smothered with lots of ❤


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