My previous post panicked my parents. nnI didn’t mean to, …

My previous post panicked my parents.

I didn’t mean to, I was just relating an incident about a panic attack I had at work some time ago.
Since I don’t normally write about personal stuff, so dad and mum got really concerned and reached out to ask what happened.

I speak to them quite regularly anyway, so they wondered if something catastrophic happened since we last spoke.

I love my parents.
Us ‘chinese people’ aren’t as demonstrative or tactile as the westerners.

“Have you eaten yet?”
“You look a bit fat/skinny/grey/old/weary/wrinkly – are you ok?”

It took me years to realise that a lot of the “nagging” and “criticizing” was their way of demonstrating how important I was to them.

I live abroad and go home every 1-2 years, and Mum would say, “You’ve put on weight haven’t you?” And in the very next breath, she would make me my favourite dish.

Parenting is hard, and I only began to appreciate how difficult a task it is when my little ninjas came along.

We were supposed to fly home in August, but that didn’t happen because Covid.

The last time I hugged them was last year.
I hope it won’t be soon before I can hug them again.

If you are able to, call and tell your family you love them.
If you can, hug them.

There is no time like the present.


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