I am very protective of my team.nnEach member of a high pe…

I am very protective of my team.

Each member of a high performing team needs to be able focus their expertise on the problem at hand, and my job as the Project Manager is to remove distraction and noise so that they can do what they do best.

That means I handle the awkward questions about scope change that may impact budget and timeline.

Consultants working in smaller partners would tend to be engaged in smaller projects with limited budget for Project Manager if at all (I used to juggle up to 7 live projects at a time, allocationg hours per week).

In situations where consultants go into project as the solo team member, they typically have to handled the end-to-end engagement.

This means that on top of the day job, they need to have strong client and stakeholder management skills, and be able manage expectation and conflict when clients request additional scope.

It is definitely much harder to be a consutant in a smaller partner than a larger one, but you build such valuable soft skills.

Because you have to.

My team loves working with me because they get to focus on what they’re good at, but they won’t need to learn any other skills because I take care of a lot of the messy things for them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to work in the different types of Consulting Partners.

Choose the one that works for you.


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