Don’t have an affair

“Don’t have an affair with Bob*. He’s too fast – I can’t catch him.
“Don’t have an affair with John*. He’s too big – I can’t fight him.
“Choose someone small and slow, like that little dude who lives round the corner.”

My Husband has a super power.
He is able to diffuse and de-escalate situations with well timed humour at the appropriate juncture, and he is so easy to get along with – at work, and at home.

I’ve learned so much from him in the years we’ve been together – humour, patience, grace.

After a fairly traumatic relationship that almost broke me physically and emotionally, he slowly and surely restored me to be whole again.
I am better person because of him.

I tell the kids that they need to choose their friends and partners wisely, because you want to be surrounded by people who lift you up and help you succeed.
You want to be around people who make you a better person for knowing them.

I totally lucked out in this department, and I am deeply deeply grateful that he is in my life.

Laughter, love and health.
I am richer than I ever dreamed I would be.

And that, my dear reader, is what I wish for you too. 🌹

*Names changed just because.


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