How do you talk to yourself?

How do you talk to yourself?
What do you say?
How do you say it?
Whose voice do you hear?

Most of us grow up learning how to talk to ourselves from how people talk to us.

If we grow up being told that we have no value, that we are useless, that we are a mistake.. then these are the voices we will hear.

All of us have voices in our head.
They become particularly loud when we have made a mistake, or if we feel we have ‘failed’ in some way.

Most of the time, we treat ourselves much worse than we’d treat our enemy.
We say such horrible things in our head, that we’d be mortified if we actually verbalized it so that we can hear the words being said out of our mouths.

Why then, do we do it?

It’s because at some level, we believe the voices that have judged us and told us that we aren’t good enough.

We also tend to perpetuate the cycle.

There is only one real way to break this pattern.
Be kind to yourself.
When you feel you have failed.
When you feel unworthy.

Hold yourself in loving regard, and speak to yourself as you would a young child who have stumbled and scraped her knee.

It’s ok to fall down and be hurt.
Just get up and try again.
You aren’t a bad person.
You just stumbled.

Be kind to yourself.
For there is only one you. ❤


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