Children are meant to be cherished

Children are meant to be cherished.
They are born innocent, and whole.
And perfectly perfect just as they are.

You do not have the right to bend them, to mould them, to make them into what you think they ought to be.

You do not have the right to break them, if they should stand up for themselves.

As a parent or guardian, you are wholly responsible for their safety.

Their physical, mental, emotional safety – over and above anything else.

History repeats itself for many reasons.

If you have anger issues, if you are hurting your children because you are repeating the actions of your parent, seek help.

What you are doing is perpetuating the cycle of #abuse.

Hurt people, hurt people.
Seek help if you are hurting.
Do not pass that legacy unto your children.
They are perfect as they are.

Please wrap them in love, and give them everything you didn’t get when you were young.

You both deserve that.


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