Feast and famine.nUps and downs.nWinters and summers.nnI…

Feast and famine.
Ups and downs.
Winters and summers.

I believe that the Consulting career prepares you for real life.

It can be hard slog, you’re on a tough challenging project with customers who have exacting standards.

Or, you might have an easy stint with a stable client, handling JIRA tickets for small fixes and enhancements. Minimal stress.

Or you might just feel like you’re on a never ending carousal of ‘character-building’ back-to-back projects.

I believe that adversity can result in two outcomes:
1. People who say “Enough!”
2. People who push on.

Those who choose a different path will have learned a lot about themselves, and what they will and will not tolerate.

A consulting lifestyle isn’t for everyone – such as those with young families.

I’ve weathered the ups and downs through the years with the strong support of my husband.

I cannot expect that things will always go to my way just because I command it.

What I can do is to know myself, what I want out of life, and to make the best plan I can. And be flexible when things get side tracked.

When the winter feel endless, I look forward to what I’m going to do when spring rolls around. I know others choose more tropical climates.

How do you feel about winters?



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