A Salesforce Developer asked me the other day about my thoug…

A Salesforce Developer asked me the other day about my thoughts on what he should do next – careerwise.

– had been in the job for 3 years since he graduated,
– was poorly paid, although working with a big offshore Tier 1 Consultancies
– wasn’t learning anymore,
– was bored of just picking up JIRA tickets in DevOps, and
– stressed out in a toxic work environment.

I asked him if he was:
– Earning 💰
– Learning, 🤓
– Having fun 🥳

His answers should lead him to a bit more clarity about his situation, and allow him to look at putting an action plan together for moving forward.

I’ve had many similar conversations in the past, so I decided to put together a small deck that would help anyone else who might be having the same dilemma:

How do I know when to quit my job (and when to stay)?

This should also give recruiters or headhunters some insight as to why some people might not budge from their jobs, regardless of how attractive a pay package might be.

Would love some feedback.
Have you any scenarios where the answers to the above 3 questions provide a different meaning?


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