Recruitment isn’t a perfect science.

Recruitment isn’t a perfect science.

In contrast to previous post, this particular lady not only had a sterling CV, but performed amazingly at the interview and role-play for the Senior PM Role.

Her resume outlined an extensive technical background and plenty of experience managing multiple complex CRM projects for global deployments.

We were excited, and offered her the job.

With a heavy project pipeline, I was glad to have someone to ‘hit the ground running’* so I could concentrate on helping the other PMs with more challenging issues.

Then I started hearing things.

Her clients were not happy, as she:
– never seemed to know what was happening
– was very combative
– produced status reports that didn’t reflect discussions and agreed action plan.

Her explanations seemed at odds with observations of her team, the clients and other partners.

We’ve been having regular reviews but had to terminate her probation in the end. She seemed really shocked by how things turned out.

I had my own projects, and being Head of PM, I was also on governance chair for the other PMs. It’s not my style to micro-manage.

To date – I am not sure what went wrong 😵.

What could I have done differently?

* who on earth thinks up these phrases?!

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