I was reflecting on a conversation I had yesterday… About …

I was reflecting on a conversation I had yesterday… About the interview for the Senior PM role, and whether I had given the candidate a fair crack at the opportunity during the recruitment process.

I believe I have.

However, I have a much higher bar when recruiting PMs, as they are the lynchpin for the success of any project.

A good PM is like the grease of a well oiled engine, smoothing the path to achieve project goals and sailing over obstacles and bumps on the road with ease.

A sub-par PM is like a driver of a truck 🚛 who isn’t keeping her eyes on the road, and, can still engineer a crash despite the awesomeness of the engine and vehicle parts*.

A Project Manager has direct impact on the success of a project, the work-life quality of the team, the ease of day-to-day interaction with the stakeholders and the overall quality of delivery.

It is imperative that the right person is recruited into the role.

As much as it is frustrating to pick up the pieces from hiring a bad-fit consultant, trying to salvage a situation left behind by a wrong PM hire is far more difficult.

I’d rather have my toenails chewed off by Tribbles. 😱

* let me know if you can find a better analogy.


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