Garbage In, Garbage Out.

GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out.

This is especially true when companies believe that all problems will disappear with new software such as a shiny new #CRM system.
Like #Salesforce.

In order to maximise the benefits from any change we want to make, we really should look at why things went wrong in the first place.

Things like toxic culture, poor management and weak leadership will never be fixed with software, so I’m not even going to go there.

However, people generally have an idea that getting a new CRM system will improve the way businesses and organisations work.
What they don’t realise is that they need to do some real work to start with.

– Dedupe, clean and enrich. Purge where necessary.

– Review, refine, simplify. Merge and purge where necessary.

These are low hanging fruits, and companies should look at making these internal improvements before shelling out shedloads of ££ for a CRM system.

Because… GIGO.
You know what they say – you can polish a 💩, but it will still be a .💩

I talk about this in my Consulting Masterclasses starting next Tuesday 4 May. No-charge for #Salesforce peeps who are out-of-work. DM me.


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