Type A and Type B people

There are a lot more (A) people than there are (B).

(A) mindset can manifest itself in so many ways.

Because they don’t think they’re enough, people tend to make poor choices in
– health
– lifestyle
– relationships
– work

(B) people find a lot more happiness and contentment in life.

For most people though, the difficult part is moving from (A) to (B).

For me, it’s been a lifetime journey, to
– find confidence
– be happy in my skin
– know who I am
– know my place in the world

I found the answer in Gratitude and Perspective.

Joining Samaritans as a listening volunteer has accelerated my journey, as I came to understand the meaning of suffering and hardship in all its various forms.

It opened my eyes, and made me more empathetic to those who are struggling.

I became kinder to others, and to myself.

I found that the more I practiced gratitude, empathy and kindness, the more (B) I became.

It’s not easy, and definitely not an overnight process.
In fact, it’s the daily practice of being a better human today than I was yesterday.

Try it.
The future You will thank you for it.🌹


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