How do you sign-off?

Warmest wishes – Bob (He’s happy.)
Regards – Bob (Oh no – he sounds peeved!)

How do you sign off emails?
Do you try to detect emotions from how people sign off their emails to you?

This is a toughie, especially once I started working in the UK.

I wasn’t really a ‘cheers’ person, or a ‘kind regards’ or a ‘warm regards’ person. It took me awhile to find a sign-off that I was happy with.

However, I know that people sometimes try to read into the sender’s mood by the tone of the email how it’s signed off, and then fret about it. 😨

If I get a feeling that the sender is upset from the overall tone of their message, I’ll pick up the phone and say, “Hey Bob – got your email thanks. I am getting the sense of frustration in your message though, can we talk?”

If the email sounds ok, but the sign-off is a bit… off, I don’t pay it much attention.
However, I do wonder sometimes when people sign off their emails as “KR” as a short form for Kind Regards. 🙄

Sooo… how do you sign off your emails?


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