Feeling lonely in a crowded room

You can feel lonely in a crowded room.
How do you fix it?

Dr Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General of the US wrote a book about this. “It’s not about the number of people in the room with you. It’s how you feel about the connections with those people.”

It is also hidden.
You may imagine loneliness as someone sitting by themselves in a playground but the truth is that it can be anyone, in any setting.

Why does Samaritans exist?
Or Befrienders, or AGE UK, or Silverline?

These exist to help create and maintain the social connections to those who are isolated who may not have friends or family around them.

This is how I deal with my fear:

1. Connections with others.
I create positive interactions with people around me.

I also believe in karma.
I believe that by giving freely to others and creating meaningful relationships, the Law of the Universe will do its magic.

2. Connection with myself.
I will never be lonely if I enjoy my own company. I think I am quite interesting and if I am ever cloned, I think we’d get along pretty well 😊🤔

Try it.
Don’t wait till you’re lonely before you go looking for company.

Create meaningful #connections with others and with yourself.

Unless you like being a hermit.
If so, please ignore this post. 😬


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