Duck and Chicken talking

The Chinese describe it as “It’s like the Duck talking to the Chicken”. Even when both are speaking ‘English’.

Expectation gap and misalignment is the root cause of all arguments, break-ups, divorces, legal disputes and general discord.

Managing this well in a #Salesforce or #CRM project will ensure a much smoother sail towards ‘go-live’.

This needs to start right from the beginning though; with tight teamwork between marketing, sales and delivery within the Consulting Partner.

While the #ExpectationsGap between vendor/partner and the client can never be totally eliminated (because humans are so beautifully diverse), we need to make sure that it is as narrow as possible.

What Jasmine is describing here, is a consultant suddenly realising there’s a gap, and must very quickly find a way to salvage the situation.

This needs to be done sensitively and tactfully, otherwise some ‘difficult conversations’ will need to be had including potentially some PR/damage control measures.

Have you had any ‘tick-tick-tick-tick’ moments when you see a chasm that is an expectations gap during a Client meeting? 😱

What happened and what did you do?


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