What a way to end my week!

What a way to end my week!

Imagine that you’ve spent over 20 years in aviation as cabin crew.
You know your stuff.
You can handle any emergency thrown at you in the sky.
You’re cool under pressure, and everything is always in control.

And then the pandemic hits hard, wiping out the travel industry.
You see your colleagues, your friends with whom you’ve worked with for so many years lose their jobs.
You too, are not spared.

What can you do?
Ah. You discover #Salesforce.

This lovely lady joined my Consulting Masterclass programme last November.
Despite being apprehensive about starting something so new, she embraced her fears and jumped straight in.

I’m not going to tag her until she’s ready, but I am so incredibly impressed with her attitude and her perseverence! 💪

Vanessa Hunt took her under her wing, and mentored her in the Ways of the Salesforce.
Tara Aldridge took a referral from me and gave her the opportunity to interview.

And now, she tells me that she has a job offer, and is overjoyed. 🤩

I am so chuffed for her ❤

For everyone who’s feeling like it’s an uphill battle in the jobhunt, keep at it. And don’t be afraid of reaching out to people who may be able to help.

Happy weekend everyone, I know I’m going to!! 💃


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