Adding to the Samaritans Family

My heart is so full this morning. 🤗

We’ve just finished training and welcomed 14 new volunteers to join the #Samaritans family at my branch.

It has been an emotionally intensive few months – for them and for us trainers, but it feels so amazing that we are now able to support more callers in need.

I remember when I first started; the training took me through a journey of my own self discovery. It was a process of looking really hard into the mirror and asking myself some difficult questions.

I had to examine why I felt the way I did about specific things – was I being discriminating? Was I being shallow? Was I carrying prejudices that I wasn’t even aware of?

I am so so proud of this group.

#Listening is a skill that everyone needs.
It has made me a better daughter, parent, friend, colleague.
It has helped me in my work, with my team and my clients.

It’s made me a better human. 🌹

If you are thinking of joining Samaritans, please check out the branches nearest to you and ask them about their next Selection day.

It’s definitely been one of the best decision in my life, and it could be yours too.

Ah – this is definitely turning to be a cracking bank holiday weekend 🌞🌻🌈


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