Hang on. nYou’re changing my numbers so that they look bett…

Hang on.
You’re changing my numbers so that they look better when you present them to the committee?

My poor naive brain was struggling with this concept.

My MBA project was on outsourcing offshore with a global bank that’s still around today (though they are on shaky ground with challenges on the business and political front).

This was when offshoring was a trend that was just starting out early in 2001.
My objective was to analyse savings of offshoring functions and resources.
My financial modelling took into account intangible costs such as
– language barrier
– cultural barrier
– lack of understanding of work culture
– lack of process for smooth transition
– and countless others I can’t remember.

I was speechless when this was stripped out from the deck I prepared, which was then to be used for presentation to the next level up.
In fact I heard that it happened again at the next level, resulting in a blanket approval for outsourcing and offshoring a lot of critical IT components.

This bank is currently in global crisis and I wonder if what I saw was a glimpse of issues around transparency and core values?

I don’t know, but it was such an eye-opener for me.

There are a few companies I’ve worked at, which really sucked at communication – more from ignorance than wilful deceit, and that can be educated and changed.
However, those that systemically reward bad behaviour will find it difficult to thrive in the long run.

That’s my humble opinion.

#integrity is everything,
Have #strongvalues and you’ll find that it will attract amazing people who will want to work with you.
Plus, Krispy Kreme – that always works too! 🍩🤤


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