“Hey – you worked at xyz? I accepted a job there, but then …

“Hey – you worked at xyz? I accepted a job there, but then pulled out and join this one when I got the offer. I did not tell xyz that I was waiting for this to drop in.”

I was inducting a new junior PM into our world, and I didn’t l ike what I heard.
All the companies that I’ve ever worked for, would leave the door open for me to return as I’ve had great relationships with all of them.

It’s a controversial point of view, but I think if you’ve accepted an offer, that you should stick with it.
If you change your mind and let people down, they will remember – even long after the incident.

That chap turned out to be quite a manipulative individual during his tenure at the company I was at, and caused a lot of internal drama and problems.

He had shone during his interview, but was actually not as competent at his job. Several clients had requested that he be replaced on their projects.

You might tell me that it’s everyone’s right to decide on the company that will propel them quicker for their career, and perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I believe that you should keep your word.

A candidate would have my respect if they are candid, and tell me that they had already accepted a offer elsewhere – which means that I wasn’t quick enough.
It also doesn’t preclude the candidate coming back to me 12 months later if things change.

I believe that integrity is so very important.
In a world of fake news, broken promises and lies in the world, this is the one thing that is almost priceless.

Keep your promises.
People love working with those who can be trusted.


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