Critical, Contingency, Consequential thinking skills.nnThe…

Critical, Contingency, Consequential thinking skills.

There is such a lack of this happening in the world today, and it’s quite concerning.

They don’t teach this at school, except perhaps consequential thinking, where sticks are more commonly used to emphasise the expected outcome of non-compliance behaviour as opposed to carrots, or logical explanation.

There are huge swathes of society who believe that our rights are taken away surreptiously – with enforcement of masks, tracking your wherabouts with track & trace, collecting personal information, and a movement towards a world where control over you and your personal data and rights are slowly throttled.

I can only try to make sense of such a complex situation with the information that I have, provided by experts who know better – medical professionals, in this case, about how to keep myself and my loved ones safe.

It is a divisive subject, and like Brexit, it is a topic that can lead to rift in close circles and families.

Whichever side you are on, I hope that you #staysafe.
#Bekind and #dontjudgeothers for you do not know what they are going through.
They might have underlying condition – asthma, is a heart patient, or they may live with vulnerable people, and they are terrified of losing their life or their loved ones.

Just… stay safe.

Life is too beautiful to lose to waste arguing about things that won’t matter once you’re dead.

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