I believe that the secret of happiness is failure, pain, bet…

I believe that the secret of happiness is failure, pain, betrayal, disappointment, and loss.

Of course, it never feels like it when you’re in the midst of it all.

Without the lows, you will never experience the highs.
You need a point of reference.

If you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth and the moon on a platter, you will never know hunger, or failure – which means you will never understand what the pinnacle of success and achievement will feel like.

If you’ve never tasted the bitter taste of failure, when adversity had got the better of you, you won’t be able to appreciate what it means to score that much-desired goal.

Lessons are sometimes buried in painful experiences, so don’t dismiss them.
They will shape your narrative, and it’s up to you to craft the storyline and the ending.

In consulting, you will encounter many such ‘character-building’ experiences, and they are exactly that: they build character.

Happiness and joy is what I feel when me and my team have gone through fire, and come out the other side – smoky, singed but thriumphant.

If all you get are cushy projects, you will not have had the opportunity to stretch, to learn, to grow, to fall, to hurt and to get back up.
So when you encounter your first real terrifying obstacle – you won’t really know what to do.

Embrace the pain.
They make the joy so much sweeter.


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