When a document raises more questions than it answers, it is…

When a document raises more questions than it answers, it is either:
1) Deliberately provocative, or
2) Very poorly written.

Consulting deliverables are NEVER deliberately provocative.
They should outline current status, options for moving forward, recommendations and reasons why.

Tangible deliverables, that include documents and artefacts produced as an output of meetings, interactions, workshops, and discussions with the client, need to be extremely clear.

As a Project Manager, I review all documents, even the super technical ones.

There is an art to simplifying complexity so that a lay person can understand.

We, as Consulting Partners, need to provide quality deliverables and solution documents that are clear, concise and well written.
– Illustrate where appropriate, to explain what you mean.
– Check grammar, syntax, language, framing.
– Get someone to proofread – your PM, your peer, your team, especially if you are new.

And ESPECIALLY if you are seasoned, because there’s nothing worse than bad habits wrapped in arrogance that produce lofty, jargon-filled, incomprehensible garbage.

Our documents should be so well written that the only questions we want are the ones we require the answers to.

Keep your standards high.
And make excellence part of your every day vocabulary.
You’ll never regret it. 🙂


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