“I disagree with your post – You can’t say failure of a proj…

“I disagree with your post – You can’t say failure of a project is down to the PM. There are many other complex factors at play!

Not everyone was happy with my previous post, where I outlined my belief that failure of my project lies with me – as a Project Manager.

You may be saddled with a project that has been mis-sold.
You may have been assigned a very junior team that may not be able to rise to the challenge.
You may have a client that lacks integrity – twisting words and going back on agreements.
You may have an aggressive timeframe with a whole host of technical challenges.
… etc etc etc.

But you know what?
Your job as a Project Manager is to MANAGE all of that.
The contract.
The project.
The team.
The client.
The suppliers.

When you see the iceberg coming, and your ship is heading straight to it – you identify and weigh up all your options.
The ship might sink, but you want to maximise the lives that you save.

Sometimes, you cannot help a sinking ship, but you – as sa Project Manager, your job is to bring order to chaos, where possible.
Your job, is to lead.

Leadership isn’t looking for someone else to blame.
It’s looking for solutions to problems.
Are you a leader?
Or a blame thrower? 🧨


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