Happy “Moo” Year

Issue # 1 OnThePeiroll

“I need to give out these ‘ang pows’ (red money packets) to show the King of Heavens what a generous person I am, so that I’ll get lots of prosperity this year – good business, good life, good health, that sort of thing!” 

For me and my cousins, Chinese New Year was a time to eat, have fun, play fire crackers – and of course, collect the ‘ang pows’!

Now all grown up, with my own brood, thousands of miles from home – also sequestered in my house, this Chinese New Year looks very different.

We all have things we want.  
My kids used to pester, cajole, wheedle.
Now they use different strategies: bribe, barter, negotiate.

For the Chinese, the New Year is a time to bargain with the Gods to bestow on them good fortune and prosperity for the rest of the year.

Helping people get what they want is the secret to power.

That’s why the admin assistants, the secretaries, the receptionists, the clerks – the gatekeepers, are usually the one you have to influence to get what you want.

And that’s why I am doing this.

If you want to be a better Consultant, a better Project Manager, a better Leader, then I am writing this newsletter for you. 

I’ll write articles like why you should bet your career on Salesforce.  There’s 4.2 million reasons to do it!

I’m going to keep the first issue short – as I just wanted to introduce myself to you.  Let me know what you think and what you’d like to hear more of.  I never shy away from feedback 😁

The Origin Story… Part 1 – The Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a nerdy young girl who had no clue about what to do when she grew up.

All she knew was that if the end of the world happened, she’d want to be on a spaceship like the USS Enterprise … off to the stars.

If she was lucky, she’d be part of the first settlers to colonise some exotic planet populated by edible chocolate plants that regenerated every time you ate it. 😋

Sort of like the gingerbread house in Hansel & Gretel. Except zero calories. 👍🏻

And so, she struck a deal with the Paternal Breadwinner (also known as Dad) to enrol her on a degree course that would get her a spot on That Rocketship.

What happened next? … to be continued.

In Case You Missed It

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LinkedIn thought I was a spammer and suspended me a few times, and so I was reminded about importance of backups Just in Case I get hoofed off the platform, and migrated all 290 posts from LinkedIn to WordPress.

Something About Me

With about 25+ years in Consulting with Microsoft Partners (from infrastructure, to databases and CRM) and Salesforce Partners, I think I’ve got a good idea how to create high performing teams to run great projects.

I’ve been a system engineer, DBA, BA, functional consultant, test manager, and project/programme manager.

In 2020, I launched Zenhao – a Consulting Leadership Academy, and now delivers Masterclasses to help Salesforce Partners build their internal talent into an outstanding team.

Above Mascot of the Week was designed by my pre-teen Creative Director.
Shoutout to Ninja #3!

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