“Here’s what I want – go forth and build.” 2/1/2020

“Here’s what I want – go forth and build.”

Consulting engagements doesn’t really work that way.

When clients engage a Consulting Partner to roll out a new system such as #Salesforce or #MicrosoftDynamics CE, they often don’t realise how much effort they will need to put into the process in order to make it work.

They first have to
– appoint an internal Salesforce/CE champion, and
– put together an internal project team

And then, collectively, alongside their Partner, they will have to assist in gathering and validating requirements, respond to design decisions and help shape the solution by testing and providing feedback.

Having a hands-off approach will create an ever widening chasm in ‘expectations’ between the client and Consulting Partner: i.e. what you expect you’re getting vs what your Partner is expecting to deliver for you.

Roll your sleeves up, and get your hands dirty.
Get into the weeds if necessary.
You’ll be glad you did.

When you want to build something exceptional with the help of the experts, it pays to pay attention.
And do the work.

Deprivation is optional*, but sweat is not.

*Although 🍩 are never optional!

(Refreshed post from 2/1/20)