There are loads of things that are fun.

There are loads of things that are fun.
– Holidays
– Dates
– Cheat meals
– Gaming nights

And there are some things that are *not* fun.
– Doing taxes
– Filling expenses
– Having difficult conversations
– Dieting
– Working out

There of the *not* fun things are necessary to grow (not taxes though).

Learning new things.
Learning hard things.
Facing a challenge.
Pushing yourself to do something uncomfortable.

You can stay where you are, in that comfortable place.
Or you can push, and grow.

Discover the edges of your capability, and stretch yourself a bit more.
That’s how you find the sweet spot where flow happens.

I’ve dedicated my life to finding my sweet spot.
And it’s not where the 🍩 was before it disappeared into my 👄