I have my own style that is unique

I have my own style that is unique to me.
But like all competent Project Managers, I have a job to do – to deliver against the contract.

I had a great time talking to Julie Palmer – a fellow #Salesforce Project Manager who has worked in both end-user environments and with a Partner.

Many times, I’ve found myself nodding vigorously at the camera (luckily you can’t see it on the video!) – there were so many things that we saw eye to eye!

What she says is true though.

The key thing is to
– deliver quality
– closing projects successfully
Every. Single. Time.

Bring your unique style to the table. 😎
Life’s too short to be a fuddy duddy.

Just make sure you do a good job.
Or no Donuts for you.

Come listen in on my #podcast conversation with her, dropping next Monday 14/6.